Our list of happy customers is growing daily. So we decided to let our customers speak for us. Below are just some of the comments we have received from our customers since we added this testimonial page. If you have made a recent purchase with us and would like to add your testimonial use our automated testimonial submission. 

Customer Testimonials:

Hi John & Connie

I am so glad I found your website. I received my order in no time. You have a wonderful product and I find it absolutely fantastic that you personalize the order. The information shipped with the flax seed and even a Thank you! In all my online purchasing I’ve never received a handwritten thank you. Your recipes are awesome. Thank you!

Melissa – New York, NY

Thanks- love the product, your recipes, etc, and even love the container- it’s a definite reuse container for other things. I am a great proponent of the product and have all my friends using it now. If you ever want to send me copies of materials, I’ll give them to everyone.

President/CEO of a Home Health and Hospice Company

Hi John and Connie,
I find that the 3.5 size lasts me about 3 months. The seeds remain fresh, and I grind them once a week (with the grinder purchased from you) and store them in a plastic container in the frig. Am totally hooked and would not purchase the seeds from any other place!
All the best, Laurie

WOW!! My HOT FLASHES are gone, thanks to ground FLAX SEED. I added 2 TB of ground flax seed to my oatmeal and my hot flashes were gone in 2 hours. As long as I take the 2 TB of flax every morning, I stay dry. I only get occasional “puffs” of hotness now. I started sleeping through the night, no more tossing and turning and awake through out the night, and I also wear long night clothes again. FLAX has other wonderful claims that help blood sugar, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and for ladies, the best one is a decreased in breast cancer. Please don’t forget to drink more water when you eat flax. On that note, many mornings I mix my flax seed in my orange juice and let it sit for awhile to soak up the water. Then I drink it with my vitamins. I sure hope FLAX SEED helps you as much as it has me. I have shared this tip with other friends and they had the same results. My doctor even told his mother about it.

Hi John, I love my Greatplains flax . I grind some every morning to go into a super smoothie…

Sincerely Dave O.

The GreatPlainsFlax Product is some of the best I have seen. I received my flax seed within a few days of my order and their customer service has always been friendly and professional.
Carla P.

I used to think that the flax seed oil contained more health benefits, but after using your whole flax seeds and grinding them when I need them I have noticed a much more significant improvement in my health. Thanks for explaining why the whole seeds are the way to go.
Robert M.

Thank you John, In 8 months of consuming flax seeds, my cholesterol reading has decreased from around 200 to 176. I use 3 tablespoons per day. My husband began using it when he heard about my results. So, our usage has doubled. Thanks for a fine product.
Pamela H.

Much better quality than my previous supplier and shipment was very fast. Thank you
Peter M.

I want to thank you for the fast service and the information you sent with the shipment. I am 70 years old and was told on Monday that my cholesterol was above what it should be and it was suggested I take a prescription drug. I said I really would like to try to lower it by diet and exercise. The nurse in my doctors office suggested I try flax seed. On Tuesday I did some research on the Internet, ran across your web page and decided to give it a try. Also, on Wednesday I enrolled at a fitness center. Im expecting great results. Again, thank you.
Jan F.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you! I received my order very promptly and was well pleased with the quality of your Flax Seed. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends and I will be reordering from you when I have to refill my supply of Flax Seed. Thank you again for a pleasant experience.
Henry T.

I wanted to comment on the many values of flaxseed. I originally started to take it for my fingernails(ridges) and was totally amazed at the other benefits. I have recommended it to all my friends and have given your website to them also. I first bought my seed at the market in town and it smelled funny. After ordering from you, I realized that it must have been rancid or something. I appreciate your prompt service and excellent product quality. My sister in Savannah Georgia also thanks you.
Elaine L.

I have been using Flax Seed and grinding my own for nearly two years. Lost my contact with the company Id ordered from previously and found you when I searched the Internet. Im happy with my order and love the packaging. I appreciate the information, also, I dont need to refrigerate the seeds until I grind them. Thanks!! You can be sure I will pass your company name to my “kids” and friends. I received your thank you card and amazed you take the time to send a card. I have your magnet card on my frig and just want you to know this lady will definitely be an ongoing customer.
Iris M.


Just received my 3lbs. of flax seeds. Thank you for all your help and prompt service. I will order again when I get low. Bob M.

I have been using Great Plains flax now for several weeks. I find that it grinds up nicely just in my blender, doesnt take hardly anytime at all to grind up a weeks worth. I add 2 tbls. to a containor of yogurt and it satisfies my hunger nicely! I havent tried it in any recipies yet, but am looking forward to that! Aleah M.

I am 55, have been dismayed by the breakdown in quality merchandise in the U.S. in my lifetime, and have been disappointed by many products over the years. I have tussled with the customer service behind those products because they dont live up to their reputation or they dont stand behind their product. I am a tried and true cynic and am proud of it. Therefore, I am not just happy to provide a testimonial for John and Great Plains Flax, I consider it my duty! I happened upon their website by accident, and am pleased to say his product does JUST what he promises. I am quite astounded by it, actually. His follow-on Thank You note was a very nice touch, and my only request is that they stay in business for a long time to come. Thank you, John. d
Dolores d.

Shipment received today. Thank you for being so prompt and very nice packaging.
Martha R.

Dear John, I appreciated your personal,hand written Thank-you note. Not many people do that anymore these days. A friend at work searched out the best product for the best price and your company was it! She ordered that day and I came home from work and placed my order. Then we both received our orders promply and we are both pleased with the quality of your product I would recommend it to friends and family. I have your website on my favorites!
JoAnn L.

John, Good morning and just a short note to let you know that the flax arrived yesterday very promply and in good condition. I look forward to using/eating them!
Emily D.

Thank you. This is excellent customer service and I will tell others.
Jean M.

Dear John, I just wanted to let you know how I was doing on the flax seed I bought from you. My cholesterol went from 300 to 224 and my trygliserides from over 200 to 138. I also love the fact that the seed keeps me very regular, Ive always had a problem with that. I am also trying to get my husband started on it. He has high blood pressure and needs to lose some weight so I think it would be good for him.
Marlene J.

I just wanted t say Thank You for the fast and old fashioned “good” business that you have shown me. I am satisfied with the product and wanted to express the caring that you show your customers through your follow up handwritten note. That doesnt occure anymore. It would be a pleasure to recommend your product to others. Again Thank You.
Ruth S.

I was impressed when I received a handwritten Thank You note, very pleased with the quality of your product and how quickly I received it. I will most definitely be re-ordering from your company. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend your product and your company. Thanks again.
Marleyn G.

Oh, I almost forgot, your follow up Thank you card was one of the nicest touches in a loooong time!
Dolores D.

I started using ground flax seeds about 2 years ago. My original source for the seeds disappeared so I went looking for another and came across your site. I was specifically looking for the golden flax seed. It is my understanding that golden flax is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and also is high in fiber which are both excellent health benefits. Your product was easy to order, arrived quickly and in good condition. I grind about a weeks worth at a time and use it on cereal. Your product was great looking and had a nutty fresh taste. I look forward to ordering from you again when my supply runs out.
Margie P.

I have been using ground flax seed for about 6 months now..and let me say wow!! Never before have I been able to see such outstanding results from my workouts. I am down from a size 11/12 to a very lean and cut size 3/4. It really should be marketed as weight loss/muscle building supplement. Thanks again.
Patty Patty B

John, Thank you for the nice note and very fast shipment of your flax seeds. It was received a couple of days after I placed the order for my father-in-law. He has used flax seeds for years and also liked the plastic containers you use. I suffer from Lopus and RA and found your flier to be very interesting and am going to introduce flax in my diet. Again thank you very much for your excellant service and will definately be ordering more in the future.
Mary R.

John, Thank you for your note regarding the flax seeds I ordered. I received the the shipment today and wanted to thank you for the fast service and the high quality of the seeds. The information you also sent was very informitive. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks again
Jan F.

My husband FINALLY had good news on his blood work! The numbers are the best in over a year, and the only change weve made is adding the Flax Seed to his diet. Were believers. Im so happy to be paying for a whole grain therapy instead of more drugs! Thanks for a quality product that makes a difference!
Marilyn F.

Thank you for the speedy processing of my order. I received it and thanks for the personal touch. Ill definitely contact you for my next order.
Luna P.

Wow- Now THATs service. Youre going to spoil me. Thank you.
Mike F.

Thank you. You have the best quality product. I appreciate your customer service and timely shipping.
Mark W.

Thanks for your excellent service, the package came today.
Catherine M.

John, This was my 2nd order from you and will continue to purchase your flax seeds. Your product is high quality as with your personal customer service that you provide. Thank you.
Ed R.

John, Thanks, the seeds look great and were packaged very good, you have been a pleasure to do business with.
Arlie M.

Thank you for your excellent service, my flax arrived today.
Catherine M.

John I want to thank you for all the imformation you sent and being so sweet. The shipment arrived just as you promised . Today you dont fine business men who are like you who keep their word. Im really pleased with the flax seed. We will order again. God Bless Barbara W Barbara Waters

As always, Thanks for the flax seed and the great service. Take care.
Karl J.

Fast work. Thanks so much.
Theresa S.

Thank you for a fabulous product and excellent service. I will definitely recommend your product to all my friends.
Doris B.

I really like your product and am happy with your quick shipping time. Diane
Diane B.

Thanks for the high quality seed. My husband and I recently bought some flaxseed in the grocery store and it went rancid and smelled something terrible after only a few days. We have had your seed for over a month and it still tastes fresher than anything else we have found locally.
Anna C.

Just wanted to thank you for the delicious golden flax seeds. I was very impressed with the great customer service. Thanks again!
Martha M.

Thank you very much for the seed really appreciated your great customer service.
Phil P.

John, Thank you for the trust in sending me the flax seed before you received payment. Trust is something you dont find too much these days and I appreciate it. Thanks again!
Jess P.

John, My father turned me on to your product and now Im using it. His blood pressure dropped, skin cleared up as well as circulation and weight loss. The seed tastes great and give me a “full” feeling well past lunch. Thanks.
Tom B.

John, You have an excellant product and provide outstanding customer service. Cheers!
Phil P.

Mr. Schutt, I will be ordering more every 3 months or so, as I am dedicated to its marvelous use. Thank you for your great customer service.
Celeste C.

Wonderful, so fresh! My coffe grinder works great for the seeds. I am afriad I use too many…love these! Will buy more…shipment also was fast. Excellent John!
Jill S.

John, Thank you for the note that you sent after our recent order, great customer service. I will continue to purchase my flax seeds from you as well as my sister. Thanks again!
Kristin G.

I have been buying Great Plains Flax Seed for several years and have found the service, quality of the flax seed and security of the website to be nothing but first-rate. Thank you
Larry D.

John, my sister and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the August 2006 Boom Days in Leadville CO. We have only been taking flax seed for a few weeks and are looking forward to the many benefits from it.
Becky R

Mr. Schutt, I would like to thank-you for getting my order of flax seeds out so quickly. After reading about all the health benefits our family is looking forward to trying your golden flax seeds. Thank you again for your great customer service.
Pam S.

I was skeptical at first but after I recently surprised my doctor with a much lower level of cholesterol than he expected, I have become a firm believer in flax seed. Thanks for a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to control my high cholesterol.
Larry N.

Thanks for the quick delivery of my order. I have heard alot about the benefits of flaxseed in reducing cholesterol from friends of mine and they recommended your seeds to me. I am looking forward to using your product to reduce my cholesterol as well.
Kate J.

With the impersonal shopping that is found on almost all internet stores it is refreshing to receive a good old hand written thank you note! Everything being equal that alone made me a loyal customer. However, at Great Plains the prices are fair market value, the golden flax seeds are of the highest quality, customer service outstanding, free shipping is awesome. What else can a customer ask for?
Caroline R

What a great product! I have been taking this for 2 months now and am finally starting to sleep. I was waking up all throughout the night and some nights I would awaken at 2:30am and be unable to go back to sleep. The only lifestyle change I have made is adding the flax to my diet. I am finding fluids and solids being eliminated on a more regular basis since starting the flax. This has also helped with seasonal allergies. I also notice since starting the flax that I am no longer craving sweets like I was. My husband and I did suspect that my blood sugar was out of wack after reading an article we received. In January, I am scheduled for the cholestrol test and am looking forward to great results. The service from Great Plains Flax has been great. The product is of excellent quality. Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to great health with your product.
Linda T

flaxseed is indeed the best i was benefit i was sick after a minor surgery on a wisdom tooth it calm my nerves serve as a nutrition during those time i could not eat.
Bridgett T

I received my first order yesterday, only four business days after you received my payment, and I live on the east coast. A very delightful experience! The grinder was very easy to use. I had a weeks supply in the frig in little time. The plactic containers are perfect for storage, and the wide opening at top makes it easy to scoop up the flax without any mess. And a truly healthy taste.
Michael R

Right quality, right quantity, right container, all at the right price!
Tom M

For about two years now I havent missed a day without flax. (Freshly ground and mixed with OJ before breakfast.) I tried to get my husband to try it, but he just turned his nose up at it until about 6 months ago when he had to have his second colonoscopy in three years due to abdominal pain, cramping and other symptoms. The doctor told him he had to increase his fiber and fluid intake. I asked the doctor if flax would help, and he said most definetly. So, my husband immediately agreed and became a believer in no time. Now, he HAS to have his flax “fix” every day and reminds me to reorder when we start to run even a little bit low on flax. I just read a testimonial that someones fingernails improved. I was wondering why my nails were so healthy, long and strong lately! (For the first time in my life.) I now can get manicures! Yay! Thats just another benefit I hadnt counted on.

Before I found this website, I was buying flax at local healthfood stores. I always worried about the freshness and quality not to mention the expense and inconvience of buying it 8-16 ounces at a time. This is my third order from Great Plains Flax. We order 14 lbs at a time. I am 100% satisfied with the quality, price and prompt delivery from John Schutt. And the personal handwritten note is a nice touch, too.
Juliana C.

After many years of suffering for Irritable bowl syndrome, I tried almost everything. I used citrucel three times a day with little to no relief. I finally found gold flax seed and tried grinding 1Tbl and mixing it with the citrucel. AMAZING results! I now use ground flax once a day with the citrucel and I am symptom free! I cant remember the last time I felt this good! I could not be happier!! Thank you!
Tammy M

First, Id like to thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to my order. My order arrived promptly and fresh. I want to let you know that within 10 days of starting my new regiment, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that my very dry hands are suddenly much, much less dry. I nearly dont need lotion any more! I am looking forward to discovering what other ways flax will benifit my health.
Sharon O

I got the flax seed from my friend and using it for last 4 weeks .I lost 2 inches from my waist and having improved digestion.
John W.

I bought your flax seeds just befor Christmas of last year. Now in June my cholesterol was down 20 points. I also boil 2 tablespoons of flax in a large pan and boil it down to make my own hair setting lotion. It is absolutly wonderful as it gives the grey in my hair a lovely shine and adds color. flaxseed is the best present you could give to yourself and family. I am prould to add my name to this testimonial.
Collen W.

Thank you, I LOVE the flax seeds. I would recommend your flax seeds to anyone-they are high quality, taste great, and YOU are completely oriented around your customers and it SHOWS. Thank you again.
Carol W. PH.D.

John, Just wanted to drop a line and say how much your Great Plains flax seeds has helped me. I grind a couple of tablespoons of flax ever morning and mix it with blueberries, frozen peaches, non fat yogurt and fill up the little majic built with pomegranate juice. What a way to start the day. Thanks again!
Dave O.

A thank you note to Great Plains Flax. It was a nice gesture to receive a post card after the receipt of our first order of whole flax seed. The quality was outstanding. We were running out of it and thought we could do with purchasing flax from a local “Nature” store. What we found out was an inferior bag of flax seed that included unwanted fiber, twigs, bits of ? and perhaps other nasties. I found out that it may also help me regarding my prostate health which I have been made aware of recently. We have just placed another order for twice the amount since we both use and like flax seed. Thank you.
Paul W.

John, Your service is always excellent along with an excellent product… Thats why I shop with you. Thank you!
Jack Hester, MD

Thanks John, Its nice to know that Im dealing with someone that is both honest and has his customer interest in mind. I have enjoyed doing business with you from the very beginning. Neil M.
Neil M.

Thanks so much. Great Plains is the BEST flax seed I have ever found. I have tried every source I can within the UK and Europe and nothing compares. All the best. Annie H.
Annie H.

Great Plains personnel provide individual service. Ive ordered Flax from numerous web sites in the past, but Great Plains is my permanent supplier now. Great seeds, quick delivery, convient container, friendly staff, and beats most prices.
Tim G.

The quality and freshness of the flax seed is second-to-none. I use it every morning on Oatmeal and love the taste. More importantly, the service that John Schutt provides is the best!!
Richard L

I was so pleased with the quick shipping, the packaging and the information you put into the package and the product. Thank you and we will come back again. Paul and Katheryn R.
Paul and Katheryn R.

Thank you very much for providing not only a superior product but also a customer-friendly business model. Ordering was easy, the shipment arrived a day earlier than expected, and the flax is as mentioned of the highest quality. Thanks again!
John and Connie.

I look forward to ordering again soon.
Todd G.

John and Connie Schutt continue to provide terrific service, as well as the finest quality Flax Seed available. I beleive that this is my 4th order since last October 2008. The prices are fantastic and the speed of delivery is very fast. I will continue to be repeat customer.
Richard L

Fast service, personal too! Thank you. The product is top notch, my cholesterol and blood sugar have returned to normal levels in just 30 days of my morning smoothie: kefir, 3tbsp ground flax, a few frozen blueberries and cranberries, half a fresh apple or pear.
David W.

John, Thank you for the efficient and fast delivery. We love the product and try to spread the word but most people of today are unhealthy and dont care much about making changes as Im sure you know.
Sincerely, J.J. Joan J.

John, My doctor has been very pleased with what has happened with my cholesterol since I started taking flax seeds. She also said one patient cant control her cholesterol with medications on the market and controlling entirely with flax.
Dee S.

Thank you John and Connie. The best endorsement I could think of was a doubling of a previos order. Truly top rate product and Service!
Thanks again, Todd G.

Been using flax seeds for over 15 years. Originally for cholesterol, but the regularity benifits exceed even the cholesterol lowering benifits. Ran across your website when the company I used for so long disappeared. Appreciate your personal type image. I feel like Im buying from a friend.
Thanks much, Dori M.

Great product and cost. Outstanding customer service. I cant say how thoughtful and nice it was to receive a “thank you” handwritten note. I am more then thrilled with you guys, and will be back. :) Dusty A.
Dusty A.

Sir, I have never written a testimonial before, always been skeptical. BUT in Feb, 2010 my cholesterol was 239. After 3 mos of eating 3 Tbs flax seed daily (as a treat while watching TV) my cholesterol dropped 49 points to 187. My Dr. was just delighted with the results. My hdl, ldl, and triglycerides were also in line again. Thank you for premium seed, prompt mailing, and all the information on your product. I have highly recommended this to all my friends.
Sherry B.